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The SC House Vol 1

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With all of the visits we do as superheros, there was always an elephant in the room. We show up, make them laugh and treat them like normal children but our visit ends. and they get to go back to their routine. Its not enough. We cant let this stop there. We just cant.

A common thread is that these are are just the most amazing children. You never meet a mean kid with cancer. Its always the most incredible child that you are simply honored to hang out with. They inspire you with their daily strength and make you question whatever trivial challenges you have ever been upset about. Its time to make that strength count for something.

The schedules that families learn to make work with all the hospital visits, treatments and tests is unlike anything you could think even possible. You'd be right, it takes a special family to support a sick child. Mounting hospital bills and new responsibilities it would be easy to feel like giving up but they don't have that luxury, This is a battle.

Our idea is simple. We have acquired a home, renovate it and give it to the family of one of these special kids. We cant take the disease away but we can hopefully give you some relief. A clean place to sleep. Maybe a little help with the bills. Your support will help us do exactly that. Your donation will be used to fund the renovation of the home we have we acquired. Any donation over 100.00, your name will be added to a plaque we intend to present to the family when they receive the house. You have a chance to be a real life superhero for someone you don't even know just because its the right thing to do. Standing alone we can only change whats directly in front of us. Standing together, we can change the world. One sick child at a time.